Consider traveling with others to save money and our precious environment. 


Hi!  I Am Scuttles, here to show you –
how to reserve your seat on our  Mt. Shasta Taxi to/from the Sacramento Airport – SMF at a discount. 

  • Our door-to-door taxis are created any day and anytime by you.   By reserving in advance,  others will have a chance to join you at deeper discounts.  (These same discounts apply to private groups)
  • A 15% discount is available if you are traveling alone, round trip, AND making your reservation over 15 days in advance.
  • When you reserve, your credit card or paypal account will be charged a nonrefundable $50 deposit toward your trip. If you cancel for any reason, this deposit can be applied to later trips.
  • NOTE: If you are traveling alone round trip, the $50 deposit is applied to the return leg.


  • Online reservations must be made 5 or more days in advance.  Otherwise, call or email us!
  • We must have at least one email exchange or telephone call to confirm your reservation.
  • As an extra safeguard, we recommend you call us to reconfirm the day before you travel.
  • To be picked up at an airport, we must have your cell phone number and your agreement to call us as soon as your plane lands. If you do not have a cell phone, please use a phone booth or borrow someone else’s phone.


Please pay cash in the vehicle when you arrive at your destination.



You are alone traveling from the Sacramento Airport to Mt. Shasta City Round Trip and reserve 15 or more days in advance.  You are prepared to pay $362 – 15% = $308 each way.  But if we find other passengers to join you, we replace previous discounts with deeper discounts outlined below:

Sacramento Airport (SMF) <—> Mt Shasta City

Regular 1 Passenger round trip  $724 .
one way …………..
$362 .
15 day Advance Resv round trip  $616 . 15% off
2 Passengers one way  $186 . each 42% off
3 Passengers one way  $134 . each 64% off
4-5 Passengers one way  $100 . each 72% off
6-20 Passengers one way  $85 . each 80% off

Please email and call-in reservation if within 5 days of trip!