Consider enjoying traveling with others to save money and our Precious Environment.



Hi!  I Am Scuttles, here to show you –
how to reserve your seat on our  Mt. Shasta –  Redding Airport Taxi at a discount.

    • Our door-to-door taxis are created any day and anytime by you.   By reserving in advance,  others will have a chance to join you at deeper discounts.  (These same discounts apply to private groups)
    • A 15% discount is available if you are traveling alone, round trip, AND making your reservation over 15 days in advance.
    • When you reserve, your credit card or paypal account will be charged a nonrefundable $50 deposit toward your trip. If you cancel for any reason, this deposit can be applied to later trips.
    • NOTE: If you are traveling alone round trip, the $50 deposit is applied to the return leg.


    • Online reservations must be made 5 or more days in advance.  Otherwise, call or email us!
    • We must have at least one email exchange or telephone call to confirm your reservation.
    • As an extra safeguard, we recommend you call us to reconfirm the day before you travel.
    • To be picked up at an airport, we must have your cell phone number and your agreement to call us as soon as your plane lands. If you do not have a cell phone, please use a phone booth or borrow someone else’s phone.


Please pay cash in the car when you arrive at your destination.



You are alone traveling Redding Airport – Mt. Shasta City Round Trip and reserve 15 or more days in advance.  You are prepared to pay $140 – 15% = $119 each way.  But then we find other passengers to join you, replacing previous discounts with the deeper discounts outlined below:

Redding Airport RDD <—> Mt Shasta City 

Regular 1 Passenger round trip  $280 .
one way ………………………
$140 .
15 day Advance Resv round trip  ……………………… $238 . 15% off
2 Passengers one way  $140+$20= $160/2= $80 . each  43% off
3 Passengers one way  $140+$40= $180/3= $60 . each 56% off
4 Passengers one way  $140+$60= $200/4= $50 . each 64% off
5 or more Passengers one way  $140+$80= $220/5= $44 . each 67% off

Call in reservation if within 5 days of trip!